Good morning!

We have very good news:
Our 10 rescued galgos have either found foster families or have been adopted abroad but they need flying partners!

5 of them will be leaving us in the next 10 days, so on the 13th of March I will be driving together with our vet to pick up 5 new Galgos that are waiting for us. We will introduce them to you further down.

Who has left us? Zambra and Rumba flew to their foster families this past month:

Zambra flew on the 27th of March and stole the heart of her foster family as soon as she arrived, so she might be adopted by them.


Rumba flew on the 2nd of February to Zürich. She is very happy living with Sandra and Christian in Pension Grisette! We wish you a lot of luck Rumbita!!!


These are our new urgent cases:

A pregnant Galgo mother (Mamma and Mía) was taken to the dog pound and gave birth to just 1 baby because she was skin and bones and very stressed. They have both been adopted by a foster family in Sevilla.

This Galgo mother gave birth to 4 puppies. Their „owner“ sent us the photo and added „I will get rid of the mother tomorrow, but I’m keeping the pups“.We could not change his mind and will have to only take the mother. She will arrive on the 13th at Galgo Freedom. It’s very sad! She is called Suerte, which means „luck“ in spanish.


This is Tigger, a 6 month old Galgo! He was handed over to us by this gypsy!Notice the size of the galgo in comparison to the person!
He is in a foster-home right now and will come to us on the 13th and he will enjoy having so much space and so many other galgos to play with.

TIGGER I - copia

We found an abandoned Galga next to 2 dead dogs. She spent 2 days at our foster family and on the 3rd day she decided to jump over a 2 meter high wall!!! It took 2 days to catch her again and she is now living in a flat where she cannot escape. Another galgo association is in charge of her now and they will find a good home for her !!!

PUNTO belonged to a Galguero. He’s a lovely boy and has been in our foster family for 2 months now. He is ready to fly and even though he will be coming to Galgo Freedom on the 13th, he could fly on the 5th of April to Cologne with Veronika Pausch. Veronika was very kind to reserve a box for us on her return flight , but we need to find a foster family for him around Cologne. After publishing this, a foster family offered their help.

PUNTO I - copia

And this is BAILEY. He was handed over to us by his owner in the last days and will also come on the 13th.


And Galán is our latest rescue. He will also arrive on the 13th!

GALÁN BODY I - copia

Talía and Campeón have found a foster family where they can stay together. Thank you Far From Fear! They need to fly from April onwards to Hamburg.

CAMPEÓN und TALÍA - copia

Orión has also found a foster family in Austria and also needs to fly there. He will fly soon!


If you would like to support our project we invite you to sponsor one of our rescued galgos. A monthly donation of 25€ pays for the food of 1 galgo!
We will send you monthly updates and photos of your sponsored dog. Click here, choose „your“ Galgo and send us an e-mail with the name of your chosen Galgo, and with a monthly donation of 25€ you will receive a monthly e-mail!