Good morning to everyone!

March has been a very busy month. Our FaceBook followers already know what has been going on, but for those who don’t follow us via FaceBook, here are our monthly news.

We had a great start of the month. Cindy Stegmann decided to foster PUNTO and a few days later she decided to also foster BAILEY. They will fly together on the 8th of april. Thank you, Cindy, for your enormours help!

On the 9th TANGO flew to München with Mª Carmen Gil. Thank you very much for helping TANGO get to his new home.

TANGO- Far From Fear

On the 13th, Augusto (our vet) and Yaiza drove to La Puebla de Cazalla to pick LISA, PUNTO, BAILEY and GALÁN up. They had already spent a month at our foster family and it was time for them to come to us. Welcome to Galgo Freedom!

Some months ago TALÍA and CAMPEÓN found a foster family where they could be living together. They had to fly to Hamburg, but the fosterhome could not take them on until the beginning of April. Our friend Hadmute Paulsen offered us to fly with them to Hamburg so they will be leaving us on the 4th of april.
We will cry our eyes out, because they have been with us since the 2nd of january and it’s going to be very hard to say good bye, even though we know they are going to have a great life!

    CAMPEÓN und TALÍA - copia

ORIÓN (black&white galgo left) flew to Vienna with Carolyn Aignerartig. Thank you Carolyn for taking him with you. He really needed it!

  ORIÓN- Far From Fear

On the 21st of March DOLCE and LEILAs fosterfamily posted some photos of the 2 girls. Oh God, do they look happy!!!

The next day Claudia Hertel came to visit us. She’s the vicepresident of our partner association “Freunde von Galgo Freedom”. It was lovely to spend some time with her and we made lots of plans!

IMG_7956 - copia

On the 23rd ISHA and JAZZ flew to Zürich with Katharina Hagenbucher. Thank you very much Katharina!
It was very hard to say good bye to JAZZ, because when he arrived, he had witnessed a terrible scene and was very traumatized. He slowly started to trust us and when he left on the 23rd, he was a cheerful, happy, affectionate and loving boy. We miss him a lot but we know that he is in the best of hands and was ready to find his final home!

A day later SANDY and ELLA arrived in their foster homes. Family Weber came to visit us with their motorhome, Sultán (a galgo mix they adopted from us) and Louis, their other galgo. On their way home, they took the two ladies to their foster homes in Germany… Not many people do that! Thank you very much!


Veronika Pausch will fly to Köln on the 5th of april and she will take LISA with her. Barbara will be at the airport waiting for them and will drive LISA to her foster family which is 500 km away from the airport. LISA will be living with MARA, a galga that was adopted from us and found her loving home. Thank you so much!That is a wonderful human chain!

The Boos family also came to visit us with their motorhome and MIRO (before LAGARTIJO), a very scared galgo they had adopted from us a year ago.
MIRO was in perfect shape, adoring his family, not scared at all and totaly tuned in with his owner. They had decided they wanted MIRO to have a new companion and wanted MIRO to choose. He immediately fell in love with FARAONA, now named DALÍ, and after 3 days, no one could separate them. Very touching!


But life is full with good news but also bad news.
On the 27th and 28th of March the phone didn’t stop ringing and we had lots of whatapps. Lydia, the lady in charge of dealing with the “galgueros” and the urgent cases was going crazy, and so were we.
On the 27th we took on 4 galgos from a “galguero” and we were told that there were 2 abandoned galgos no one could catch. We are trying to leave food always in the same place, so that we can at least have certain control over them and try to slowly gain their confidence. Let’s see if we can catch them.

On the morning of the 28th we received an urgent call saying that there was a baby galgo in the killing station from Sevilla. After this call, another one: 2 more galgos from a galguero. He didn’t want them anymore and threatened to hang them up!!

7 galgos in 2 days!!!


We immediately started to organize his rescue, but because we are in Spain, it wasn’t so easy. Yesterday they went to pick him up and took him directly to a clinic where he will get the attention he needs until recovered.

Apart from these 7 galgos, we have 6 more at our foster family in Brenes:

A 1.6 year old galgo-mix
2 galgo females confiscated by the police. They ended up in the dogpound from La Puebla de Cazalla from where we took them out.
2 black galgos: a male and a female in a terrible state.
A stroked galga

Bienvenida and her husband are our foster family in Brenes. They also rescue abandoned dogs and have to face all the vet and food expenses. We have agreed to pay them 50€ and a bag of food per month per galgo. They take our galgos to the vet if necessary and never charge us extra, they cook for the weakest ones and care for them as if they were their “children”. We think the deal is fair, but it means that we have more expenses!

Even though we enjoy helping, we are a very small association with a maximum capacity of 10 galgos at Galgo Freedom. Up to now we have helped 100% of all galgos that have crossed our way, we don’t know how long we will be able to keep up this rythm. It is very hard to deny help to an animal in need, specially if you know that this means it will be abandoned or killed.

We are also in need of foster families in the area of Köln, Germany.

If you wish to help us, we invite you to sponsor any of our galgos. 25€ a month will pay for a galgos monthly food. Every month you will receive an e-mail with “your” galgos update and some photos.