Adoption testimonies

Annemieke and Ben, with Giana and Carisma (Adopted through Greyhounds Rescue Holland)

We’ve liked sighthounds, espacially Galgo’s for a long time and fell in love with Podenco’s when we started reading about them. The decission to adopt was easy; when you read about their living conditions and the way these beautiful dogs are being treated in Spain, we wanted to save one from this terrible existence. We adopted our Podenco Giana in August 2017 en are so happy with her that we wanted to give her a siter, and that had to be a galgo, also rescued from Spain. We welcomed Sierra in our home and fell in love with her! Unfortunatly she died after 6 months. But these were the most fantastic 6 months with her and for her; we went to the beach, we went camping and took long walks in the forest every day. She was a happy dog until the day she died!

Now that Sierra was gone, Giana felt lonely, and she was scared again. So we decided to find her another friend; Carisma was in foster at Inge Hoogers’ and we fell for her the moment we met. She’s been with us for 6 weeks now and we, and Giana, are so happy with her.

I don’t think I’ll get my future dogs (who knows… where there are 2 dogs, there can also be 3, 4…) any other way than through adoption. Don’t shop, Adopt! That’s my motto!!