Angelina- ADOPTED

Birthdate: 10/10/2013
Breed: Galgo
Castrated: Yes
Sex: Female
Chipped: yes
Color: Light brindle & White
Height: 62
Length: 60
Vaccinated: yes

Compatible with children: Yes
Compatible with other dogs: yes
Compatible with cats: Ignores cats

Angelina was taken to the pound. She was found in the street and had a lung infection. The dog pound didn’t say anything to us, so ANGELINA was invisible and ill inside the pound. As soon as we found out, we took her out and rushed her to the vets. She was treated and is feeling much better. She’s really happy when she sees us in the morning and “dances”. She’s very affectionate and calm at the same time. You can see that she had puppies not long ago, as her tits are still hanging.