Good morning!

¡We are back!

A whole month has gone by and many things have happened.

At the beginning of april we received an order of 120 “polivalente” and 60 rabies vaccines. Without your help we could have never managed. This covers our vaccination needs for 1 year.


And thanks to a Swiss donation we had the possibility of buying 39 sacks of Dingo food for our galgos. We hope to have food until mid june… ¡Wishful thinking!


During this month TALÍA and CAMPEÓN left us. I (Yaiza) cried until she received this picture and the following message:

“Talia and Campeon just arrived safe and sound at home. The two were very calm when we picked them up and slept the entire ride home. They are absolutely gorgeous and in a stunningly good condition. I think they will quickly settle into their new lives at the foster home since they are so trusting and loving. We will find wonderful forever homes for them.”


Thank you Far From Fear!

LISA flew to her foster family and they all love her and she loves them all! We want to thank Barbara Raith for picking her up and taking her to family Mamelis home! Barbara is also the fosterfamily of LEILA and DOLCE!

LISA- Galgo Freedom

PUNTO and BAILEY also took-off to their foster family. Thank you family Zimmermann for being their flying partner. We would also like to thank Cindy Stegmann for fostering them both. How lucky to be so relaxed!


SANDY is growing, learning and having a great time at her foster family!


SUERTE will be flying to München where her foster family will be waiting for her. Thank you Tatjana Gies for flying her over.
LISA, PUNTO, BAILEY, ELLA and SANDY are in foster families waiting for their forever families to come and adopt them. Thank you Uschi for organising these foster families.

GALÁN is still at Galgo Freedom and has changed dramatically. He has become a very gentle and relaxed dog. He seems to have a constant smile on his face! Loves to run free and it’s a pleasure to watch him enjoy life!


On the first week of may we will have a few airport runs to do:

SUERTE will fly with Tatjana Gies, EYLA with Melina Urban and ELENA & ESPERANZA with Banu Berkholz. SUERTE will be fostered by Karin Wolany, EYLA by Claudia and Frank Siegels and the inseparable sisters ELENA & ESPERANZA will be permanently fostered by Franziska Alber unless we find an adoptive family that will adopt them together. They have been living together for more than 8 years, it would be cruel to separate them now!

On the 13th of april Augusto and I, took off towards La Puebla de Cazalla and later on to Brenes picking these galgos up:

TIGER, APOLLO, BLANCA, MARY-JANE, a galgo mix that was hiding behind a rubbish-bin, ELENA & ESPERANZA, TIBA and EYLA, a granny that recently had given birth and was “useless” once she had weaned them.

We arrived at dusk. Thanks Augusto for being our vet, our galgo-chaffeur, my friend and rescue companion.

On the 15th Lydia finally managed to catch this white galga. She had been trying it for weeks and when she was starting to lose hope, she caiught her! Whilst our foster family is overbooked, she will stay at the dog pound. But, don’t worry.This pound does not kill animals so she is safe.


Sandra from Pension Grisette and her sister Linda arrived on the 18 of april. We had a good time together. We thank them for taking TIGER and APOLLO back. They will be staying with Sandra until she finds them the best home possible. From 25ºC they flew back to cold Switzerland at 0ºC… Thank God they all had thick and warm coats (galgos too) and are all well and enjoying life. Video


They brought donated leashes and martingale collars from NIFEU– Thank you very much, we had no more left.


14 transport boxes arrived from Hamburg and Lörrach. They will be transporting the next galgos that will be flying to their foster families.Inside one of the transport boxes was a cardboard box with donated blankets, collars, leashes, dog coats and treats for the dogs. We were all very happy! Thank you Nadine Partikel for fostering SANDY and also collecting these donations with your friends for us.

Thanks also to our neighbour, Danielle, for having made some lovely dog coats.


We are in desperate need for a flying partner that will take MARY-JANE from Málaga to Köln or Düsseldorf from the 16th of May. Could you please spread the word?


GALÁN and TIBA are still searching for a foster family or an adoptive family. Meanwhile they are enjoying their life at Galgo Freedom.


Around the 20th of may Augusto and I will be going again to Brenes to pick 7 more galgos up. For now we will only be leaving 2 galgos behind, which we will pick up in June.

Before saying good-bye we would like to send you this video that is contagious…when you see it, you will know why!


Until next month and thanks for being there and supporting us.

Yaiza, Karin and our 4-legged friends!