Dear friends,

It has been a very hot summer with more tourists than ever but now it’s getting calmer and life is back to normal!

Puma travelled by car with the Mani family to Switzerland and despite traffic-jams, she behaved and arrived well. Thank you very much for taking her with you!
Puma has already been reserved!


Merlin flew with the François family to Luxemburg. As he is deaf, new situations stress him a lot, but he did really well, was picked up at the airport by his new adoptant, Nina Hubert, and they are both really happy together. Merlin will always remain in our hearts!

And thank you Jacqueline François for being flight partner once again!

MERLIN- Nina Hubert

Galán flew with Scott Huston to Köln. Thank you Scoot for giving us once again a helping hand. Galán has gone to the same foster family where Bailey is, and they immediately recognised each other!

GALÁN- Galgo Freedom

Romeo flew with Julia Müller to Zürich. Thanks a lot Julia.
That enourmous furry puppy has left a big empty space and we miss him! But we know he’s happy with Sandra in Hundepension Grisette.


Nete’s family came for a visit and it was great to spend some time with such an animal-loving family. Thanks Nete and Scott for your constant help and support.

We received a donation from the german association “Freunde von Galgo Freedom” and thanks to that we have been able to pay vet and food bills. Thank you Claudia.

We would also like to thank Veronika Pausch and her association ” Tierschutz in Mittelhessen e.V.” for their donation. It will help us pay the rest of the bills.

On the 30th of august we drove with Marion, a good friend, to La Puebla de Cazalla and sorted some things out like changing our foster home/quarenteen to a better and more spacios place where we think the dogs on our waiting list will be better.But the price is dobble as high and we hope to be able to cope with that.Any donations are very welcome!
We also brought 8 dogs back. Marion took 4 dogs in her car- thanks for your help,support and patience!

These “excursions” always leave us feeling depressed and sad. There is so much misery to be seen and animal protection does not work in Spain. There ae so many good people trying to help and fight for the welfare of the animals, but the institutions don’t help in any way and it is very frustrating. There is so little one can do… but we will keep on fighting in our own little way!

                CALIPSO III MARISA I STEPHAN II GEORGE III                                                                   LAGARTIJA UND LUPITA III 14206054_711570395661253_4943469543938467856_o

            We have arrived         We are enjoying       Baby Lupita is so sweet

So now, we need to start with vet visits, cuddling and stroking, walks on the leash, photo sessions and finding foster families and flight companions!

Thank you and we wish you all a very happy summer.

Yaiza, Karin and our 4-legged friends!