PLUMA was rescued from the dog pound. Her owner had decided to dump her there because he considered her “useless”. There she waited to be adopted or put down.
When our fosterdad went to pick her up, she was trembling so badly that she could barely stand up.
PLUMA is great with all dogs, but she’s scared of people. She needs a family who will give her time and love so her souls wounds can heal. When she starts to trust people, she love sto be cuddled. She’s a very elegant and gentle dog who needs a chance in life to know that humans can also be good!


SULEIMA was found hiding in an abandoned ruin. She was surrounded by tins. It was cold and rainy.

She’s a young and small sized galga. After what she has gone through, it’s amazing how sweet and affectionate she is.

She’s great with all dogs and ignores cats. She’s playful, goes well on a lead and is good in the car.

We have done xrays and fortunately the position of the broken bone was so good that both pieces are joining together without having to operate. It’s just a question of time until she can play without limping.



It was hard to rescue ALANA. They fed her for various weeks and observed what she did to plan how to catch her. She was first seen on the streets at the beginning of september and we are sure she was abandoned for not being “good enough”.

ALANA was terrified, but as we didn’t have space at the time, she had to stay at the pound. She now in foster care in Málaga. She’s still timid, but will get close to her fosterers asking for cuddles. She’s affectionate, playful, needs a lot of love, a garden and other dogs to play with. She’s very fit, healthy and only needs a home where to bloom. She has no traumas, is great with all dogs, but unfortunately not good with cats.


ARIA ist eine kleine, junge Galga die aber sehr gelitten haben muss. Irene hat sie auf der Autobahn gefunden. Es hat ihr viel Mühe gekostet sie einzufangen aber sie war total erschöpft, sehr dünn und ihre Pfoten hatten keine Kraft mehr. Sie ist zusammen gebrochen und konnte nicht weiter. Irene hat dann bei sich Zuhause gesehen, dass sie vin einem Hinterbein hinkte. Sie blieb mit ihr bis wir Platz hatten!

Die Röntgenbilder zeigen, dass der Spezialist muss sie operieren. Es hätte von einem Autounfall sein können!

ARIA hat Glück gehabt, denn sehr viele Hunde überleben das nicht, aber jetzt braucht sie unsere Hilfe um ein gutes Leben haben zu können.

Sie ist sehr liebevoll, verspielt und sehr herzig! Sie ist toll mit anderen Hunden, Katzen und Kinder und ist imme rgut drauf.


AFRICA was found totally lost in the middle of the field. Fortunately a friend of ours went to rescue her. She managed to catch AFRICA and took her home. AFRICA has been living with Laura for various months. She used to living with dogs and cats. She’s very affectionate, loves human company and is very cheerful when she trusts you.

AFRICA has semi-long, blacky shiny hair. It’s very soft! She’s an agile girl who loves to play around with her dog mates.

She would need a home with a garden, at least one middle-sized dog, with or without children and a family who gives her lots of love.