Yako- SOS!

YAKO was going to be killed by his owner as a new born. He was born with deformed front legs. Luckily, his neighbor found out and asked him if she could keep the puppy.
YAKO arrived to a home with a lot of love and attention. He was bottle fed and lived with a group of lovely dogs.
The lady who rescued him lost her job recently and so she had to go back to live with her parents and she could not take YAKO with her due to his size. She also knew she could not afford to pay his vet bills, so she asked us for help.
YAKO has never been mistreated and that shows. He’s very sociable, loves people and all other dogs. He has never lived with cats but he wants to play with them when he sees them. He was not aware how big and strong he was, but he has quickly learned to respect smaller animals (dogs and cats). He’s a gentle giant with a huge heart for children and people in general.
When he arrived he had pain, so we took him to get x-rays done. He has some deformed bones and distended tendons due to the deformity, but that does not bother him at all, what bothered him was a small pointy finger bone that was too sharp and was scratching his flesh every time he put his finger on the floor. That’s why he was always limping.
After the operation he walks and plays like any normal dog, but with his small deformity.
He needs a home with a garden and another large and young dog to play with.



TRUMAN was found eating from the bins in a very dangerous area, because of the proximity of the motorway. He was seen 3 days in a row and on the third day a young lady managed to catch him. The dog pound had no space for such a large dog and so he stayed ta the vet clinic for 2 weeks.
A week ago the temperatures rose to 35ºC and we knew we had to take him out of there. Fortunately a frind was coming to our area and he brought him home.

TRUMAN has a wonderful character. He’s great with all dogs and loves human contact. He was very anxious when he arrived and was scared of large dogs, but he has recovered well and has fogotten his anxieties. He likes to play with all dogs and also with anything he finds on his way.
He arrived with very little hair in his neck and we think he was probably chained for most of his short life.

He needs a very caring and loving family who will give him the attention he seeks. He would need a garden and a middle/large sized dog to play with. He’s also very loving with children. He’s very respectful with dominant dogs and never gets into trouble.


ANGEL was found in the middle of a motorway in Sevilla. He was totally disoriented and weak, which meant it was easier for the rescuers to catch him. He was full of ticks, malnourished and dehydrated. He was taken to a shelter where they pampered him, but where he had no possibilities of getting adopted.
ANGEL gets on well with all dogs, but unfortunately is not cat friendly. He’s extremely affectionate with people and just wants to receive cuddles.
We think it will be very hard for ANGEL to find a forever home due to his sex, age, colour and him not being cat friendly.



CAMPANERA and her sister Golondrina were taken to the killingstation of San Antón by their owner. Fortunately they called us and we managed to get them out before they would die of starvation, cold and illness. They were skin and bones, but they ate very well!

CAMPANERA loves human contact and will come running to meet you and get cuddled. She’s great in the car and likes to look through the front window and “drive” with you!


GOLONDRINA and her sister Campanera were taken to the killingstation of San Antón by their owner. Fortunately they called us and we managed to get them out before they would die of starvation, cold and illness. They were skin and bones, but they ate very well!

GOLONDRINA is a sweet and bright girl. She has a very close relationship with her sister. They are very supportive between each other. They play a lot and love to feel free in the garden. As soon as they feel anxious or scared they cling together to feel safe.

They are both very elegant and when they run they seem to be flying instead!


It was very hard to rescue TRISTÁN as he was terrified and didn’t want to have any human contact.
He’s at our foster family in Málaga where he is learning to trust humans. He now gets really excited when they come home after a days work. He’s still shy and submissive.

He needs a family with experience with traumatized animals and a dog that will help him recover.



BAMBINO was taken to the dog pound San Antón by her owner and left there, but as it was full they would have to put her down immediately. One of the dog pound workers called Luisa asking for help.

BAMBINO was very scared, but now he’s timid with unknown people. He’s very playful and great with all dogs.

Once he trusts you he loves to follow you around and receive cuddles.

Dolce II

DOLCE follows her sister GABBANA, but she’s the quiet sister. She’s submissive with GABBANA and a bit shy with unknwon people. DOLCE is very affectionate with her foster mum and follows her everywhere. She likes dog, cat and human company.



GABBANA is active,  affectionate with dogs, cats and also with adults and children. She love sto play with strong dogs. GABBANA needs a playing companion and a garden.