ESTELA was found roaming the streets of La Puebla de Cazalla. It was easy to catch her and as soon as she arrived at the vet clinic, she went to greet the cat.
She’s affectionate, likes to be cuddled and trusts people she knows. She gets on well with dogs, cats, children and likes human company.


NAOMI and Doros owner didn’t want them anymore. He urged us to take the dogs, so we had to quickly find transport and a safe place where they could stay.
A friend offered to pick them up: both dogs were in good shape and not traumatized, but Doro hat 2 big infected wounds.

NAOMI is a small, sweet and affectionate galga. She’s always searching for dog and human contact and she definitely needs a dog companion.


PIT and his brother were rescued from enormous wildfires in the north of Spain. The ladies who rescued them took them to two different foster families. PITs brother was adopted by his foster family.
PITs fostermum started to have psychological issues and she couldn’t take her of PIT anymore, so we took him to some kennels nearby. From there he travelled to our foster family in Málaga.
PIT is a great dog, good with dogs of all ages, sizes and sexes and also with cats. He only needs to learn to trust people, but he’s improving day by day.
He had lost a lot of muscle as he was living in a flat for all these years, but now that he has a garden and playmates, his muscles are building up again. He’s house-clean.
He needs a family with a garden and at least a self-confident dog, who will show him to trust people.