LUKE and Liam are approximately 5 months old. They where found in a solarpanel plot. Someone had thrown them over the fence.

They were thirsty, hungry and scared when the maintenance lady went to check if all was ok.

Due to the overload of abandoned animals, all shelters are full, so we decided together with our foster family to take them in. They stayed during a quarantine period at our fostermum in Sevilla and then came to our fosterfamily in Málaga where they live with other dogs and children and get on well with everyone.

Both brothers got on well with everyone as soon as they arrived and suddently all their anxiety had disappeared.

The neighbours have horses and both brothers found them interesting, but they left them in peace.

LIAM is calmer than his brother.


GABBANA is active,  affectionate with dogs, cats and also with adults and children. She love sto play with strong dogs. GABBANA needs a playing companion and a garden.


Dolce II

DOLCE follows her sister GABBANA, but she’s the quiet sister. She’s submissive with GABBANA and a bit shy with unknwon people. DOLCE is very affectionate with her foster mum and follows her everywhere. She likes dog, cat and human company.



VIANA is a calm girl. She also like sto play with any playful galgo she meets. She likes her quiet moments and we think she is probably older than what we thought at first. She’s obedient and loves children. She also ignores cats and follows our fostermum wherever she goes. She was rescued by the dogpounf from la Puebla de Cazalla, Sevilla and had to spend some time there.


FLOR was found in the middle of a field. Luckily a frind of ours was going for a walk and managed to get hold of her. She’s very small, very sensitive and extremely affectionate. She’s the weakest of the pack and we are trying to boost her confidence.


HURACÁN is extremely affectionate. He loves people above all. He sleeps with the cats and loves children. Huracán follows the cat and wherever he sleeps he cuddles next to him. He’s got a great character and the dogs respect him and see him as the boss.

He’s very calm, but also very fit for his age. He sometimes limps from one of his front legs. It will be checked by the vet.


It was very hard to rescue TRISTÁN as he was terrified and didn’t want to have any human contact.
He’s at our foster family in Málaga where he is learning to trust humans. He now gets really excited when they come home after a days work. He’s still shy and submissive.

He needs a family with experience with traumatized animals and a dog that will help him recover.



BAMBINO was taken to the dog pound San Antón by her owner and left there, but as it was full they would have to put her down immediately. One of the dog pound workers called Luisa asking for help.

BAMBINO was very scared, but now he’s timid with unknown people. He’s very playful and great with all dogs.

Once he trusts you he loves to follow you around and receive cuddles.