LÍA belonged to a gypsy family. They had a group of dogs in their country house, where they would go to feed them every 2-3 weeks. All the dogs were tied with chains and desperate. A volunteer found out and denounced them to get the dogs out of there. LÍA was one of these dogs.

LÍA is a Galgo mix. Her mother was a galgo, who died short after the rescued her. She was too tired of over-breeding, mistreatment and undernourishment.
LÍA is 3 years old, loves dogs and people. Cat test will be done.
She has been waiting for 2 years at the dog pound, but she has no chances of being rehomed there. Shes a calm and friendly dog, she doesn’t bark, but loves when the volunteers take her out from her cage. She’s friendly with all the dogs. Small dogs are sometimes scared of her size, but she just ignores them. She’s playful and very friendly and loving.
She just needs a chance to be happy!


AFRICA was found totally lost in the middle of the field. Fortunately a friend of ours went to rescue her. She managed to catch AFRICA and took her home. AFRICA has been living with Laura for various months. She used to living with dogs and cats. She’s very affectionate, loves human company and is very cheerful when she trusts you.

AFRICA has semi-long, blacky shiny hair. It’s very soft! She’s an agile girl who loves to play around with her dog mates.

She would need a home with a garden, at least one middle-sized dog, with or without children and a family who gives her lots of love.




MARINA was handed in by her hunter. She has a broken finger in one of her back legs, which will be operated when castrated to avoid having to go through two operations.

She was very undernourished and weak, but she was very hungry and ate very well, so she has quickly recovered. She caught a very strong cold whilst at the pound, but thanks to her wonderful foster family, she is recovering very well.

MARINA has no fear  and loves people. She’s sweet with dogs and will avoid conflict. She’s clean inside the house, likes to go in the car and walks well on a leash. She’s a clam, easy-going, loving and beautiful galga.


It was hard to rescue ALANA. They fed her for various weeks and observed what she did to plan how to catch her. She was first seen on the streets at the beginning of september and we are sure she was abandoned for not being “good enough”.

ALANA was terrified, but as we didn’t have space at the time, she had to stay at the pound. She now in foster care in Málaga. She’s still timid, but will get close to her fosterers asking for cuddles. She’s affectionate, playful, needs a lot of love, a garden and other dogs to play with. She’s very fit, healthy and only needs a home where to bloom. She has no traumas, is great with all dogs, but unfortunately not good with cats.


CAMPANERA and her sister Golondrina were taken to the killingstation of San Antón by their owner. Fortunately they called us and we managed to get them out before they would die of starvation, cold and illness. They were skin and bones, but they ate very well!

CAMPANERA loves human contact and will come running to meet you and get cuddled. She’s great in the car and likes to look through the front window and “drive” with you!


DUNA was looking for food at a rubbish tip. She was happy to see someone try to get close to her, as she was used to people walking by and throwing rubbish next to her. She’s a calm and relaxed small-sized galga. Affectionate with all dogs, including the smallest ones. Now that she has a warm and comfortable bed, she loves to lay in her bed and will join the other dogs when its play-time.



TETE y GALLETANO  fueron entregados por su dueño ya que no le servían para cazar.

TETE es un perro traumatizado. Tiene miedo y mucha tristeza en sus ojos. Confía mucho en GALLETANO y esperemos que con su ayuda vaya cogiendo confianza.