Africa - Galgo Freedom


AFRICA was found totally lost in the middle of the field. Fortunately a friend of ours went to rescue her. She managed to catch AFRICA and took her home. AFRICA has been living with Laura for various months. She used to living with dogs and cats. She’s very affectionate, loves human company and is very cheerful when she trusts you.

AFRICA has semi-long, blacky shiny hair. It’s very soft! She’s an agile girl who loves to play around with her dog mates.

She would need a home with a garden, at least one middle-sized dog, with or without children and a family who gives her lots of love.




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Unterstütze Africa

Geboren: 02/02/2017

Geschlecht: Weibchen

Farbe: Black & White

Länge: 60 cm

Höhe: 60 cm

Gewicht: kg

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