Asia - Galgo Freedom


ASIA was found roaming around the streets and picked up by the pounds workers. She was fit, but scared.
She was taken to the pound, where it was could and humid. There she got a nasty cold. Luckily we found out in time and she came to Galgo Freedom. Here she was isolated from the other dogs, but she had a warm coat and bed, cooked food, vitamins and a lot of love.
ASIA has become a sweet, affectionate, funny, playful galga. She’s great with all our dogs, knows how to make herself be respected by the other dogs and even though she is timid with me, it’s slowly going away.
She follows us around, walks well on a lead and is clean inside the house.
She would be happy in a home with another playful dog her size or larger and a garden. She gets on well with our small dogs, but doesn’t know how to play with them.


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