Buddy - Galgo Freedom


BUDDY was seen by my friend Irene on her way back home.
Luckily she had just been grocery shopping and used some of the food she bought as bait. It took her more than 1 hour to catch him as BUDDY was too scared to get close.
Once rescued Irene called me asking for help. She had a full house and couldn’t take BUDDY in. Our friend Isidoro offered to foster him and BUDDY was with him for a month.
BUDDY is a very sensitive, affectionate and calm dog. He gets on well with all dogs and ignores cats. He loves dog and human company.
He likes to investigate the garden and go for walks on the leash. He never pulls and is always looking at you! He’s so sweet!
He needs a home with a sensitive family who can give him lots of love and attention. He needs a garden at least another medium/large sized dog.
He loves to sleep real close to the other galgos and is house-trained.


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