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CAMPEÓN, Zambra and Rumba were given to us by their owner. He had around 10 galgos locked in in individual cages in a garage. No light, no fresh air, little food and water.

His owner told us Campeón had been ill, so we asked him what he had suffered from to what he answered “I don’t know, and I don’t care. He survived and I don’t want him. If you haden’t picked him up today I would have hanged him from an olive tree. It’s that simple!”. After this experience I spent 3 nights without being able to sleep; his cold voice struck me so hard. No feelings, a person with no soul.

Campeón is a very sweet, affectionate, friendly and gentle… He gets on well with everyone and we are very happy to have him with us.

Campeón is slowly gaining weight because he’s not greedy, but he now has a gorgeous shiny red hair and he doesn’t have such a sad look. For now, no one has shown interest in adopting him and maybe you want to help him “gain some weight” by sponsoring him while he finds a forever home.

We are looking for a home that will adopt Campeón and Talía together! Let’s all cross fingers!


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