Caramelo - Galgo Freedom


CARAMELO was found at the entrance of a countryside home in Sevilla. They couldn’t catch him at first, but patience and some food did the trick!
He was taken to a shelter in Málaga but due to the heavy rains, he soon after came to us.

CARAMELO was shy to start with and he protected his bed and food. Fortunately he soon realised he could choose his bed and he had food all day long, so he stopped protecting them. He’s realxed now, likes to play and just enjoy life.

He has a strong build, but is a weak dog inside. He needs a family with a garden and another female sighthound. He gets on well with males, but due to his past life we think it would be better for him to live with a female.

CARAMELO still has a wound on his snout from wearing a metal muzzle. During mating season, the hunters who have males and females living together put this muzzles on some of the males to avoid fights.
CARAMELO was definitely not the strongest in the ack and so he has verious scars from trying to defend himself. He had to show the rest of the males that he was also strong, eventhough he’s not and that must have caused him a lot of stress.

He’s finally found a pack where he can be himself and relax.


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