Copito - Galgo Freedom


COPITO was left tied to the dog pounds gate in mid winter. That morning they found him covered in frost and even though they had no free space, they decided to put him inside the bathroom so that he would at least be a little bit warmer.
COPITO was left inside that bathroom for 1 week, no one told us and we don’t know why. A volunteer called us for help and we immediately organized a transport for COPITO to go to our foster family.
He left the pound and was incredibly stressed. It took him a week to recover, calm down and become the playfull and joyfull dog he is now. He had never seen a toy, so when he came to Galgo Freedom the first thing he did was grab a toy and start throwing it in the air. He will play with anything he finds.
COPITO gets on well with all dogs and is very affectionate with people. He has a gorgeous white coat that shines.


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