Curro - Galgo Freedom


CURRO was taken to the pound as his owners had to move house and couldn’t take him with them. CURRO had been living in a countryside home, he was kept chained during long periods of time. His family then moved to a town house and there they thought he was too big and took him to the pound. CURRO lost his home when he was 7 years old. As he’s a big black dog no one has shown any interest in him. He got very depressed at the pound, but no one bothered to post his story or try to find him a home or foster family.

CURRO had no other option than to get used to his new life.

The pounds management has changed and they are giving the dogs more social media coverage and thats how we found out about CURROs sad story. Our foster family in Málaga will take care of him until he finds his forever home. He cannot stay there forever.

He gets on well with all dogs, ignores cats and loves human contact, including children. He’s EXTREMELY affectionate, loves everyone and he just needs the right family who will give him the chance to enjoy his last years of life. He’s 9 years old now.


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