Dandy - Galgo Freedom


DANDY was lying in the street at La Puebla de Cazalla, Sevilla. He couldn’t stand up, he had no more strength. He was completely undernourished and dehydrated. People thought he was dead. A lady called the dogpound and Irene went to help. She found a living skeletton lying at the side of the street. She took DANDY to Bea, our vet and he was immediately connected to a drip and wrapped with warm blanckets. He stayed at the vets for a few days until he started to eat and wag his tail- he had won the battle!
He could not stand up as he was still very very weak. His paws were orange from being soaked in iodine. Galgueros do this to heal their wounds as fast as possible so that they can keep hunting with them.
DANDY is a gorgeous galgo: large and majestic. He loves to be with people and other dogs and is starting to “smile”. He eats 4 times a day and even though we can still see all of his bones, he will become a beautifull dog!


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