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ESTRELLA is a mix-breed female with beautifull long hair an gorgeous orange eyes that show how scared she is and how much she has suffered.

ESTRELLA was taken to the dog pound in Sevilla. They thought she was a male, so they put her in the “male section” where she spent a whole year. Males are usually euthanized sooner that females as they are harder to rehome. But as “he” was beautifull they decided to wait until “he” found a home. A few days before she was due to be put down, some volunteers went to save as many dogs as they could and took ESTRELLA with them. When they got ESTRELLA inside the car, they noticed some blood stains and thought ESTRELLA had a urine infection, but after checking “him” out they realised it was a “she” and she was on season!!! As soon as it was over, they castrated her and took her to a pet hotel. They thought she would soon find a home, but that didn’t happen. She stayed at the pet hotel for 4 months and seeing that no one showed any interest in her, a friend of mine found out about her story and ask us for help. At that time we had an overload of abandoned galgos and we couldn’t take any more dogs in, so we agreed that as soon as we had space we would take her in. A month later she was taken from the pet hotel where she was to our foster family in Sevilla. We then picked her up and she came to Galgo Freedom.

ESTRELLA is a traumatized dog that needs to have a stable life in a very caring family.


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