Koke - Galgo Freedom


KOKE spent 8 months at the pound in Orense, Galicia. He was found in the street without a chip. Due to his size, he was not going to get adopted and was dying from depression, so we decided to bring him home.

He’s obedient, intelligent, a fast learner and he gets on well with all dogs. He might be a bit scared of dogs that are bigger than him, but if they are nice to him, he will quickly go to lick them and play with them.

He is affectionate and playful with dogs and toys when he gets to know you.

KOKE has a spectacular thick and silky hair that moves whenever he walks and runs. Here he suffers a lot from the heat.

Since KOKE met TETE a week ago, he has always been by his side. He knows TETE is scared of people, so he stays by his side and shows him that humans are not that bad. TETEs improval thanks to him is spectacular.

The cat test will be done as soon as possible.


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