Lía - Galgo Freedom



LÍA belonged to a gypsy family. They had a group of dogs in their country house, where they would go to feed them every 2-3 weeks. All the dogs were tied with chains and desperate. A volunteer found out and denounced them to get the dogs out of there. LÍA was one of these dogs.

LÍA is a Galgo mix. Her mother was a galgo, who died short after the rescued her. She was too tired of over-breeding, mistreatment and undernourishment.
LÍA is 3 years old, loves dogs and people. Cat test will be done.
She has been waiting for 2 years at the dog pound, but she has no chances of being rehomed there. Shes a calm and friendly dog, she doesn’t bark, but loves when the volunteers take her out from her cage. She’s friendly with all the dogs. Small dogs are sometimes scared of her size, but she just ignores them. She’s playful and very friendly and loving.
She just needs a chance to be happy!


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