Maserati - Galgo Freedom


MASERATI was skin and bones when he arrived at the dog pound. He’s a large and impressive galgo. H’es a soft giant!

MASERATI can’t even move, because he is too undernourished. He spends the day sleeping and sunbathing. He eats when we give him food from our hand. This poor boy is always cold, so he always has his coat on to keep him warm and protected. We are giving him food supplements and fatty acids to try to nourish him as well and fast as possible.

When he arrived he could hardly stand and was to weak to eat. We made a nourishing soup and that’s the only thing he drank. He was always shivering. A few days later his eyes started to have a sparkle and now he likes to go for a walk around the garden. He’s now eating a stew with meat and vegetables 5 times a day and is getting stronger every day.

He will be an astonishing dog when he becomes fit and strong again.


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