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MOUSE & MICKEY are brothers. MOUSE plays the “younger brother” role. They are lovely and adorable and 2 very special boys. But, they are “unlucky” not to be pure breed galgos, but a mix between galgo and something else.

Right now they are 6 months old, but they have been living in a dog pound in Granada since being very young. Because no one was interested and the cage was getting small for their size they decided to put them on the “black list”… and we all know what comes after that!

We just saw a photo f them wanting to get out of their cage and it broke our heart. With the help of various animal lovers who raised money to pay for their vet and kennel fees, they were taken out of the dog pound and taken to some nearby kennels where they could be safe and well taken care of until we could bring them home.

Both brothers are calme than “normal” young dogs, they listen, play well with all the other dogs, are very friendly, also with children and ignore cats. They are also well behaved in the car.

During the night they sleep indoors and are clean, but they still need to learn many things!

They desperately need a forever home, but we are aware that it’s going to be very hard due to being mix-breeds!


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