Paz - Galgo Freedom


PAZ was found by my friend Irene as she was driving back home. She stopped the car and slowly opened the car door. PAZ was thrilled to see that someone was paying attention to her. She immediately realized that Irene had left her car door open, so she jumped into the car and sat at the passenger’s seat. Irene only had to close the door and get her microchip reader out. PAZ had no chip.

As the pound was full, Irene decided to foster her until we had space. Unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic has caused all adoptions to freeze, which means that PAZ must stay with Irene.

According to Irene, PAZ is clean, obedient, very affectionate, walks well on the leash and also off-leash. She gets on well with all of Irenes own dogs which all have different sizes, ages and sexes.

They have not heard her bark yet and they can go to work and when they come back she will be patiently waiting for them to take her for a walk.


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