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PETRA was going to be killed by her owner. One of our neighbors decided to adopt her to save her life. PETRA was at his land house for 3 days, but she didn’t feel comfortable there so she escaped. During the next 3 days she went in circles around the same area, but it was impossible to catch her. On the 6th night, she returned to the land house and there they managed to catch her.
They realized PETRA was not going to be safe there, as she would try to escape again, so they decided to hand her to us.
As soon as I had put PETRA in the car, she started to relax and fell asleep.
PETRA is great with all our dogs and her attitude has changed a lot. Within hours her fear started to go away and she started to become curious. She got close to smell us.
2 days after her arrival, she started to follow us around the garden and now she will ask for cuddles and loves to walk by our side.
She’s playful and athletic and loves to be cuddled and stroked.
PETRA needs a family with a confident medium/large sized dog and a garden. She has lived with cats and ignores them.


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