Piruleta - Galgo Freedom


PIRULETA was found abandoned in a village. She was pregnant and undernourished. Her puppies found good homes, but she was left behind. Due to stress, she got a cold. Fortunately, now that she has a coat, a warm bed and plenty of found, she’s improving every day.
PIRULETA is 100% love. She loves to be cuddled and will follow you everywhere next to your side, just to be with you and be stroked.
She plays very well with the other dogs and is a cheerful and affectionate galga. She only has one flaw: she defends her food by growling at any dog passing by or getting close. We know that as soon as she realizes that she always has food available, this flaw will disappear. She has definitely been very hungry for a long time.



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Geschlecht: Rüde


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