Río - Galgo Freedom


RÍO was found by a transporter as he was driving back home after delivering packages. He knew he was not allowed to put animals into the van, but he knew RÍO had been abandoned and could’nt leave him behind. RÍO looked skinny, had ticks and no microchip.

RÍO arrived at a flat where he would share his life with 3 staffordshire bull terrier. He liked it and behaved well, but they soon realized he was large, young and needed more space. They asked us for help.

RÍO is a young, playful and very loving podenco canario. He loves people and other dogs. We will try to do a cat test as soon as possible.

He would need a home with at least another playful dog and a garden.


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Geschlecht: Rüde


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