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SMART was seen living in a large open field in mid february. It was impossible to catch him and he would only get a bit closer when he saw other dogs.

The heavy rains started and the river flooded the fields and part of the village. SMART had disappeared. We thought he had drowned.

One day we received a call saying that SMART had been seen in a very deprived area where he was being chased by the gypsies with their motorbikes. We felt angry and sad at the same time.

We called the pounds vet and she immediately decided to go with her own dog to find SMART and try to catch him.

SMART had stayed around the area, so it was not hard to spot him, but only when he saw the vets dog, did he get close. The vet took some nice smelling food with her to make sure he would follow them. It worked very well and after an hour of stress did she manage to corner him in her garage.

SMART had no chip. Now the problem was where to put him. Our foster family was full, we were also full, so he stayed for some days at the clinic where he recovered and then the vet took him home until we could go and get him.

He was a very scared dog when we picked him up and di not trust anybody. After a week he has learned to play and loves it. He is starting to trust us and he is starting to realx and enjoy life.

He likes being with other dogs and learns a lot from them. He also likes to go for a ride on the car.


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