Tedy - Galgo Freedom


TEDY was found wandering around Irenes parents country house. Écija is a hunters village and unfortunately there are many abandoned animals.
Irene has small dogs at home and both TEDY and YAMILA accepted them without problems. They came into Irenes home feeling insecure, but they quickly felt at home. As both Irene and her husband have the same work schedule, they could not leave both galgos at home alone, so they took them to the clinic in La Puebla de Cazalla, where they have been until the end of november.

There they have lived with 1 cat and met a few children. They got on well with all of them: TEDY ignored the cat and just wante dto be stroked and cuddled by the children.

When he arrived at Galgo Freedom he went crazy as soon as he realized how much space he had to run. TEDY and TROY are always together and they have a great time.


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