Tessa - Galgo Freedom


TESSA was supposed to be handed to us by her “galguero”. While he took her out of his car, she escaped. We followed her, but she was too fast and had disappeared in a question of seconds.

We called the police, the town hall, the vets and the killingstations and put posters up around the village.

4 days later we were notified that a car had hit her and we assumed she was dead. We live 45 minutes away from this village and we had lost all hopes of finding her.

The police had published a post in Facebook asking citizens to help us find her, because her body was never found in the area where the car accident had occured. 3 months later I received a call at midnight that TESSY had been seen eating at some bins. We could not believe it! We knew it was her due to the collar she was wearing. No one could get closer than 10 meters and she would immediately run away if she felt threatened or scared.

A lovely spanish couple decided to feed her every single night at the same place and at the same time so they could at least know where abouts she was moving. Every night she would go to eat her smelly sardines!

Another dog rescue association was very kind to lend us a large trap cage and on the 22nd of september we set the cage and sat inside the car a few meters away and waited. A few minutes later she came running to eat the fish, but was very wary of the care, so she went around it for a few times until she realized she could only go in to get the sardines. 5 minutes later she was in the trap and from there we put her in my car. I had taken my own galgo, so that she would have company and would feel calmer.

What is amazing about TESSA is that since the moment she went into my room and jumped on the bed, she is not afraid of us, wags her tail and comes to us every single time, follows us everywhere and is enjoying her life as never before. She is still scared of men and also of people she doesn’t know.

She’s highly intelligent and it’s amazing that shes survived during the 3 summer months with the blasting heat, hardly no water and surrounded by tourists and cars.

She looks stunning and is in great shape!




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