Truman - Galgo Freedom


TRUMAN was found eating from the bins in a very dangerous area, because of the proximity of the motorway. He was seen 3 days in a row and on the third day a young lady managed to catch him. The dog pound had no space for such a large dog and so he stayed ta the vet clinic for 2 weeks.
A week ago the temperatures rose to 35ºC and we knew we had to take him out of there. Fortunately a frind was coming to our area and he brought him home.

TRUMAN has a wonderful character. He’s great with all dogs and loves human contact. He was very anxious when he arrived and was scared of large dogs, but he has recovered well and has fogotten his anxieties. He likes to play with all dogs and also with anything he finds on his way.
He arrived with very little hair in his neck and we think he was probably chained for most of his short life.

He needs a very caring and loving family who will give him the attention he seeks. He would need a garden and a middle/large sized dog to play with. He’s also very loving with children. He’s very respectful with dominant dogs and never gets into trouble.


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