The Team at La Puebla de Cazalla

Composed by 5 young ladies who get together to rescue abandoned and mistreated galgos. As they all have full-time jobs or children, they have to organize themselves in shifts to try to catch the latest galgo. Due to fear of reprisals and threats they have decided to remain anonymous.

The hunting season starts in octubre and ends in february. In september the hunters start to try the galgos out and the ones that they consider “useless” are thrown out, so thats when we start to see the first abandoned galgos.  After these come the injured galgos and in february the galgos that are totally exhausted and cannot run anymore. We dread these months, because the amount of abandoned and mistreated dogs found is overwhelming. During this period of time, the team at La Puebla get together after long working hours to go and try to catch the galgo they saw on their way to work or the pregnant galgo that should be rescued before giving birth in the street.

Many galgos cannot be caught and the team at La Puebla feel frustrated not being able to help. They feel helpless… But, they also rescue many galgos that end up in Galgo Freedom…

Finally out of danger and free from pain, hunger and cold!