Galgofreedom - Flightpartners needed


It’s free, easy and essential for an adopted galgo to get to it’s new home!

¿What is involved?

Taking a galgo with you as your luggage won’t cost you a penny and is very simple.
We make sure all the paperwork is in order and we only need your flight details to book the transport box on your flight. We pay for it!

We will firstly ask you for your flight details. Once we have them we will see if you are flying with a company that allows animals to travel on the hold of the plane. We will then get back to you, and if the company does transport animals, we will give you our contact details so that if you have any questions you can always contact us. We will arrange a time to meet at the airport on the day of the flight.
We will take the dog and its transport box to the airport, help you at the check-in desk and take care of you and the galgo until the last minute. We will hand you our contact details and those of the person that will pick the galgo up at the airport. As galgos always weigh more than 8 kilos they will always travel on the hold of the plane.

Once at your destination, you will pick the dog up along and carry it outside where the contact person or the adoptants will be awaiting you. You will have their telephone numbers and our, but trust us… There is always somebody waiting for you!
You hand the galgo, the box and the passport over and you can be very proud of having helped an animal in need!

If you want to be a flying partner, please send us your flights booking information to: or simply send the completed form Flightpartner.

Thank you!

FLUGPATEN sind so wichtig! Flugpaten zu sein ist gratis, einfach und eine ENORME HILFE!———————FLIGHT-PARTNERS are so important! It is free, easy and a HUGE HELP!

Gepostet von Galgo Freedom am Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018