Hello dear animal-lovers,

This month was once again packed with new experiences and there was a lot happening!
On the 12th of july, 3 new galgos came in (Dana, Adam and Shakira) and a mix-breed puppy called Puma. All of them are great dogs and have adapted very quickly.

On the 13th of july Yaiza drove down to the dentist and on her way back she found a skinny mom crossing the road. Her tits were touching the floor and she was starving. It was reasonably easy to catch her, but how could we find the pups? After feeding and washing her I took her back where I had found her and she started to show me the way to her pups. She took me to the different places where she would feed herself and after an hour of walking through a gully she took me to her 6 pups. She had been living with them in a tiny hole between two rocks. I found a box and put them all inside. Now I had to go back the same way I came. I was lucky and found a great short cut! I took them all back and they are all strong, healthy and gorgeous. Mama Fortuna does a great job feeding them and cleaning them. She has gained a lot of weight and is a very affectionate, intelligent and obedient girl!

SOS! From the 8th of August they could fly to Switzerland where they have a fosterfamily waiting for them. But we haven’t found a flight partner yet! And we are desperate to find someone who will fly Málaga-Zürich!
Chilly and Lilly flew to Sandra Scheidegger in Switzerland after having bathed themselves for days in our swimmingpool.  Video from Chilly and Lilly.

Thanks Irène Mani and her daughter for flying with them.

Mirko flew with Eva-María Grohsmann to Düsseldorf. Thank you, and thank you too to Far From Fear for finding a fosterhome for him.

 Eyla, our old galga who was fostered by Claudia and Frank Siegels found a forever home. How great! Thank you so much! Video from Eyla.
         Tiba is also doing really well and so is Mary-Jane.
On the 18th of july Yaiza picked Romeo up in Málaga- he’s a Borzoi pup boy! He’s fur his gorgeous, he’s obedient and very affectionate, but because he used to live in a small flat he had not developed his muscles and fell over the stairs and stones.
He’s slowly gaining weight and strength and spends hours sleeping, eating and playing with Puma.

Family Mani came for a visit. It was lovely to spend some time with them and show them around. That afternoon flew Dana and Adam to Switzerland after a 3 hour delay, but they all arrived well. Thank you very much Jacqueline Graf for being their flying partner.

Blanca was adopted in Switzerland and this is what her adoptant wrote:

“7 days have gone by since Blanca arrived home. We get on so well together, that it feels as if we had been together forever. Not even in my best dreams could I have ever imagined having a relationship with such a degree of trust and complicity with a dog. Blanca is a treasure, full of love, attention, kindness and thankfulness. She’s always happy with everything, she does everything well and if something doesn’t go that well, she will quickly learn what is right and wrong.
Every day my eyes fill with tears of joy and I am so thankful to life for having given me such a treasure”.


Such comments fill us with joy and give us the strength and energy to continue.

5 new dogs will arrive in the middle of august, but before this, Merlin, Galán, Puma, Romeo and Fortuna (with pups) must all fly to their foster families.

We are in desperate need of flights to:

And last but not least, we would like to thank Diny and Leon for looking after our home and dogs during our holidays. All our dogs are always happy to be with them!

Thank you and we wish you all a very happy summer.

Yaiza, Karin and our 4-legged friends!