Good morning!

As we wrote in our last newsletter, we collected 8 galgos from La Puebla de Cazalla and Brenes on the 27th of may: Chilly, Lilly, Lady, Ayuma, Merlin, Mirko, Tania y Amy.

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Thanks Augusto for your help and for doing the driving!
When you suddently receive 8 new dogs, plus the ones that we already have, it’s as if  a bomb has just hit you. You need all your energy and patience until everyone has settled in, they know the routine, their mates and what is expected of them… but after 3 days it seems as if they had been with us since the beginning of times!
We start with the vet visits, the cat tests, the dog-grooming sessions, taking them for walks, first with a lead and then without it and after all of this we start with the photo sessions, measuring them and describing them and sending all of this information to our partner associations and publishing it on our website and facebook page.
To be honest, the word boredom, does not exist in our vocabulary!
On the 1st of june Tiba flew to Germany where Karin Wolany was waiting for her- Thank you!

We received a video from Punto in his forever home. Thank you Cindy Stegmann and Uschi Koch for finding him such a good home.

Sandra Scheidegger, our partner organisation in Switzerland ,reserved Ayuma, Tania, Lady, Chilly and Lilly the minute she saw their photos and read their stories.

On the 5th of june  Mary-Jane flew to her foster-family in Germany and they are over the moon with her… Thanks so much!

Dolce and Leila are happy with their foster-family. Thank you very much Barbara and Holger for the video and for looking after them so well.

We also received a photo from Sandy enjoying her favourite sofa. She looks gorgeous!!!

During these days we did a few videos where you can appreciate how quickly our new galgos have settled in:  Video I and Video II
Uschi Koch and Barbara Raith came from Germany to visit us. We had several meetings and Yaiza drove them to La Puebla de Cazalla and Brenes and showed them what we do and where all our galgos come from. They donated 4 bags of good-quality dog food to our foster-home in Brenes and they were very thankful for it.
At our foster-home they met the 5 galgos that are there, Ginger, the mix-breed that we took out of the dogpound and 3 lovely puppies that were dumped: Puma, Panda and Talisman. Puma is already reserved by Sandra Scheidegger and will be flying to Switzerland when ready! We will bring them to Galgo Freedom as soon as possible. On their way back, they also visited our vet, Augusto.
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PANDA                                           TALISMÁN

The next day Uschi and Barbara flew back to Germany and took Amy, our galgo puppy, with them. She is with a foster family from Far From Feara and we are thrilled to see how well she is doing. She is a smart, funny, well-behaved pup! Thanks to our flying partners.

Amy enjoying a round-trip around her new garden with her new friend.

On the 18th of june Tanja von Gunthen-Wallier  and her family came for a visit. Little 4 year old Mona loves dogs and Galán did not leave her for a second. They took Ayuma and Lady on their flight back to Switzerland and both are inPension Grisette. Thank you so much for your help and for sponsoring the 2 flights with Swiss.
On the 22nd we had a visit from Ireanah and Walter Staub-Haug and they had lunch with us. We had a great time! When we went to say good-bye they opened the car boot and took out some Bach remedies, a transport box, some vet medicine and a bunch of dog-treats! We are very thankful and so are our galgos!
They also sponsored the taxes of the dogs of our last 2 flights when entering  Switzerland and their porter service as in Zuerich they have changed the trolleys and the boxes dont fit anymore!On the 27th we took ALL our galgos loose for a walk and it was incredible how well they all behaved.
I probably enjoyed it as much as they did specially with Merlin, our deaf galgo, who would not leave me
for a minute!On the 29th  our gorgeous Tania flew with Familie Kaufmann to Switzerland. Thank you so much for being her flying-partner.And here is a video from Mirko. Yesterday we receied a great e-mail from Far From Fear: Mirko has a foster family and will be flying on the 14th of July!!!!And to finish off we would like to show you what “Galgo Freedom” means to us in these 3 videos:
As soon as we can we will pickup some more galgos from our foster family in Brenes.

Last but not least we would like to make a  “call-for-action” for the projectShades of Love. This project is dedicated to collect new and used sunglasses to later on distribute them to the most needed in the Himalayas and now in the Andes too. Click on the above link to see where thge nearest collection point is. If you are in the USA (usa@shadesoflove.org) or in the UK (united-kingdom@shadesoflove.org), please write them an e-mail to see where you have to send your glasses to.

Until next month and thanks for being there and supporting us.

Yaiza, Karin and our 4-legged friends!