Good morning!

8 new galgos have arrived at Galgo Freedom and we have our hands full, so we will tell you what has been happening this month in chronological order.

On the 3rd of may a nightmare started. It would last a whole week. Karma, a hanged galgo was found alive by Elena. She was wandering around La Puebla de Cazalla. Her whole neck was a wound and she was skin and bones. Karma was immediately taken to a vet clinic, but her chances of survival were very low. To make things worse, she also was suffering from an endometritis, so it was very risky to operate her, but it had to be done, otherwise she would have died from the infection. She survived the operation and we thought the worst was over. For 5 more days she tried her best to survive. She was at one of the best vet hospitals in the area, but at the end, Karma decided to let go and died. We were all very sad and extremely upset. But as you know, life keeps going and we had other galgos that needed our help and support.

Video from Karma

One day later we found these 2 girls in a nearby village. They were totally exhausted from running after the car who had abandoned them and had driven away at full speed. Chilly & Lilly are now at Galgo Freedom and we are very happy to have them with us.

Video from Chilly & Lilly

On that same day Eyla and Suerte flew to their fosterfamilies in Germany. Thank you Far From Fear for helping us with Eyla, and thank you Claudia and Frank for being her fosterfamily. We know she will be loved and taken care of. Thank you Karin Wolany for fostering Suerte through Galgo Freedom. We would like to thank our flight partners, as without their help none of our galgos would ever get to their great homes.


On the 7th of may, Claudia Hertel, vicepresident of our partner-association “Freunde von Galgo Freedom” represented us at the Berlin Galgo March. The march wanted to raise public awareness of the situation of thousands of galgos that are mistreated and killed every year in Spain. Many people attended with their galgos. Thank you Claudia and friends for your support.

Video Galgo March

On that same day flew Elena & Esperanza to Berlin to their fosterfamily. We wanted them to be together so Franziska Alber and her family decided to foster them and the 2 old sisters will only leave Franzis home if they find a forever home where they will be adopted together.


On the 11th of may we received bad news:
Suerte had escaped in Germany. Her foster-mother was taking her for a walk when two 2 neraby started a fight. Suerte got scared, pulled hard on the lead and pushed her foster-mother over so that the poor lady landed on the florr and Suerte managed to escape. She didn’t even look back, just ran without knowing where to go. During the next few days many people saw her, but because she didn’t know them she didn’t get near. More than 10 people were trying to catch her, but no luck! She wandered for 5 days until she got hungry, managed to find her way home and got into the dog-trap that was set for her on the fosterfamilies garden. Suerte means “luck” in spanish and she was lucky 2: she managed to get back home and one of the volunteers who tried to catch her, fell in love with her and after going though the home-check and an interview with Suertes fosterfamily, she was happily adopted and is living a great life at Peggy-Bell.


On the 14th of may Yaiza visited Isha, Tiger and Apollo in Switzerland. She went to Tierpension Grisette where Sandra and her husband showed me their home and how they work. I had the chance to spend some time with “my galgos”. They do a great job… congratulations!

On the 16th Suerte went to her forever home and Amy, a baby-galgo was rescued. She’s now with us at Galgo Freedom. A white female and a grey male were brought to our foster-family in Brenes.


We also rescued Tania, a white galga and a grey galgo because they were “useless”.
A few days later Rumba was adopted in Switzerland and is very happy in her forever home. Thank you Pension Grisette for finding great homes to our rescues and thank you Linda, for having fostered Rumba.

Punto was visited in his foster-family by a man who was interested in adopting him. It was love at first sight, but the adoptant wanted to know him better to make sure it was going to be a good match. At the beginning of june, Punto will go to his forever home! Congratulations to both of you!

On the 19th we published Karmas vet bills. We needed to raise 570,83€. Thanks to our loyal donors we were able to pay the bills. Thanks you very much for your help. It makes our life so much easier!

Blanca flew on the 20th to Switzerland with Mr. Staub-Haug. Thank you so much for being a recurrent flight-partner.

On the 27th we picked 8 new galgos up from Brenes. We had to leave 5 galgos behind. We wil lbe picking them up in july. So in question of 1 day we had a total of 16 daogs at home!!! I’m sure you can imagine that we have had our hands full since then.

And just at the end of may, on the 29th at 23:00 Lydia found an 8 month old black male galgo. The poor boy wanted some love and immediately got close to Lydia when she called him. He’s been taken to our fosterfamily in Brenes.


In this newsletter we want to say a special “Thank You” to 3 very special people:
Thank you Uschi Koch for organising all the foster-families from Galgo Freedom in Germany, their foster-contracts, the adoption visits and contracts, the galgos flights, etc.
Thank you Claudia Hertel for being in charge of the paperwork needed to keep Freunde von Galgo Freedom alive and having organized the Berlin Galgo March .

And thank you Bienvenida for fostering our galgos when we find them in La Puebla de Cazalla. You never complain and never say “no” to an animal in need. Thank you too for caring for them and giving them all your love.

Until next month and thanks for being there and supporting us.

Yaiza, Karin and our 4-legged friends!