Birthdate: 01/01/2019
Breed: Galgo
Castrated: Yes
Sex: Female
Chipped: yes
Color: Dark brindle
Height: 60
Length: 60
Medication: No
Vaccinated: Yes

Compatible with children: Scared but not agressive
Compatible with other dogs: Yes
Compatible with cats: Yes

MONA & Lisa were abandoned near a recycling plant in Nerja. There they found food and shelter, and kept going back 3-4 months. They shared the cats food with the cat colony.
Summer started and the neighbours started complaining about the animals, so they called the police so that the pound would come to catch them and take them away. Luckily the police decided to call a friend who is an active animal rescuers, who phoned me for support. We arranged to leave home immediately and go to rescue the 2 galgos. It was 15:00 and 40ºC.

We had wet dog food in the car, but their dread towards people was deeper. It took us 3 hours to finally manage to catch them. The recycling plant workers helped a lot! We all ended exhausted!

MONA & Lisa have needed a lot of dedication, patience, love and time to recover and LISA still needs more time. MONA is more attached to people and less traumatised, but she does need a home with a confident dog to help her get over her traumas completely.