Birthdate: 20/12/2015
Breed: Mix
Castrated: Yes
Sex: Male
Chipped: Yes
Color: Brown
Height: 36
Length: 40
Medication: No
Vaccinated: Yes

Compatible with children: Yes
Compatible with other dogs: Yes
Compatible with cats: -

I found NIKO crossing the motorway. I was lucky to be able to find a space where to stop. He was terrified, but after 10 minutes he came to get some cuddles. I managed to get him and he jumped into the car. He slept most of the way back home, but every time he woke up, he licked my hand whilst I was driving.

NIKO is sweet, affectionate, loving, obedient and a very cheerfull dog. He’s around 1 year old and has become my shadow. He gets on well with everyone and is not traumatized.