Dear friends,
We went on holiday for the first week of november and had a lovely time in Asturias and Galicia. We would like to thank Dini and Leon for home & dog sitting. All our dogs love them and they do an excellent job.

diny leon

This month DIVA flew with Mr. Zellner. Sandra and Christian from Pension Grisette, came from Switzerland, stayed some days and took GEORGE with them. Thanks for the lovely moments we shared and for your constant support.


Alex Krupka also came to visit. He also stayed for some days and was going to take APOLO & DAKOTA back with him, but Brussels Airlines had overbooked the dog cages and APOLO had to stay behind. We will never fly with Brussels Airlies again. The customer service was appalling.

So, we are still looking for a flight for APOLO. He must fly Málaga-Hamburg. Flights with a stop in between are also an option.

We would like to thank Alex for his patience and for bringing many winter-coats for the dogs in Sevilla. Thank you too, to the people who donated the dog coats. Thanks to thsi human-chain all our galgos will be nice and cozy this winter.

On the 24th Marion Richter-Hotz (a good friend) and I (Yaiza) drove in 2 cars to Écija to pick the galgos up that we had left a month ago at the pet hotel. From there we went to Beas parents home where they will be staying until we can go to pick them up.

Leaving Málaga we found a podenco crossing the highway. We couldn’t stop as it was on the opposite side of our road. We kept driving and before reaching Écija we had to go through 3 villages and 3 olive-plantations. We saw 2 extremely undernourished galgos which we couldn’t rescue as they had panic to humans and as soon as they saw us stop the car they disappeared. Tears started to fall down our cheeks. We felt miserable, helpless and finally a huge amount of anger overtook us.

Going through the last village and passing the last olive-plantation we found 5 dead galgos on the road. They had all been driven over. Our heart was aching so bad… No one seemed to care. For them this is normal. For us it’s like going in hell for a day.


We finally arrived at the pet hotel in Écija, we paid the bill and as soon as the galgos saw us they jumped in our cars and we drove to La Puebla de Cazalla where we had to leave some of the galgos we had just picked up in Écija, and pick some galgos up that where waiting for us in La Puebla de Cazalla, which would come to Galgo Freedom.

Here you have a video where you can see how happy they are with Beas parents. Bea is our vet and her parents live in a large plot of land in the middle of the countryside where our galgos have a lot of space to run and are completely safe. At the beginning they were a foster family, but as more and more galgos were found, we decided to talk to them and agreed on the following conditions:

Galgo Freedom will pay the dog food and 100€/month/galgo and they are in charge of taking care of them and arrange vet visits with their daughter. Here our galgos are free, happy and well taken care of. They have all they need to start recovering.

Right now we are paying for 12 galgos and we have 9 dogs at Galgo Freedom.

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ESTRELLA                                SAVANNAH

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DANDY                                    LIVIA



Thank you Marion for your help, for having taken to dogs in your car, but specially for your moral support during this heartbreaking trip,

A big hug to all of you,

Yaiza, Karin and our long-nosed friends!