Dear friends,

First of all we would like to send an SOS as we are desperately looking for a flying-partner for DIVA. She needs to fly from Málaga to Frankfurt, Köln, München or Düsseldorf after the 13 the of November.

APOLO also needs a flying partner from Málaga to Hamburg and another flying-partner from Málaga to Zürich for 2 galgos after the 15th of November. Can you help us?

And now to our news:

At the end of september we received a phone call from the dog pound at La Puebla de Cazalla (Sevilla) to tell us that 3 new galgos had just come in: 2 males and 1 female.
The 2 males are waiting at a pet hotel for a free space at Galgo Freedom and BEAUTY has been adopted in France (below more info).

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Some days after we took DIVA to the vet. She has a broken rib but it is an old fracture which healed in the wrong possition, so nothing can be done, but she can have a normal and good life without pain.


LUPITA and MARISA flew on the 4th of october to Düsseldorf with Vanesa Pérez Martín. Thanks so much. She had the courage to take 2 of our galgos plus another 5 dogs from other associations. Congratulations!

On the 6th of october we went with our vet to La Puebla de Cazalla and Ecija to pick up the 6 dogs that were waiting for us:

       TIGRE (mix), GINGER (mix), DAKOTA, BEAUTY, APOLO and RAYO.

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 Here is a vídeo from the new dogs at Galgo Freedom.

Yaiza fell in love with SWING and has adopted him. His body is too short for his size, his jaw is crooked, he’s half deaf… but we love him!

DIVA has found a foster family through Far From Fear in Germany and its for her that we are looking for a flight from Málaga to Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Köln or München from the 13th of november.
Can you help?


A french family came to visit us and fell in love with BEAUTY.  We arranged a home-visit in France and their feed-back was excellent, so BEAUTY arrived in France on the 17th.
She lives like a queen in a home with a large garden and a St. Bernard as her 4-legged companion.

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On the 11th family Tavernier came to visit us and it was great to share so many good moments and long walks with the dogs.
During this week, we had a few rainy days which helped clean the atmosphere and give the plants a break.
Our galgos are full of energy and totally recovered. They now need to find foster families!

TIGRE was adopted in Holland, but the home visit was not good, so he will stay with us until he finds the home he deserves. He’s a lovely boy, very obedient, friendly and has finally learned to play, loves his toys and living in a caring and loving atmosphere!


Nobody has shown any interest in GINGER. He’s such a good-natured dog, full of joy and energy and in need of so much love and attention.He would need a sportive family!

APOLO will go to Claudia and Frank Siegels in Hamburg who will foster him- he will land in paradise! Thank you! But first he needs to find a flight partner. Please spread the word around!
On the 22nd at 22:30 we received a whatsapp with a photo of a cornered galgo. This text followed the photo:
“Abandoned female galgo in Dos Hermanas, Sevilla. She needs urgent help, as we have nowhere to keep her and she’s in the street.”
My heart broke and I offered our help. We serached for a volunteer who could transport her to La Puebla de Cazalla, where Bea (our vet) had a thorough check-up and  then she took her to her parents where she is being looked after until we have a spare place at Galgo Freedom.
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A day after Irene found this boy walking alongside the road. He was shivering and soaking wet, as the night before it had been pouring.He had an open wound on his kneck at the microchip had been cut out! She was lucky as she managed to get hold of him and took him to Beas vet clinic. He will also go to Beas parents which have kindly offered to foster him.
On the 27th Lydia phoned  to tell me a galguero wanted to give us a 5 year old male galgo. He didn’t want us to denounce him due to the thinness of his dog.He said a friend had not been feeding him!!
A whole bunch of lies!
Bea told me that the dog was not as mistreated as we expected, but was dehydrated and undernourished due to a poor diet.

Beas parents will feed him and give him all the love and attention he deserves and Bea will take care of his veterinary needs.We will try to collect all these dogs and bring them to us as soon as we have space!

And to finish off with a smile on your faces, here you have a foto of our galga Lady with her adoptive family in Switzerland.Some galgos find Paradise on Earth!