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This is the easiest and most efficient way of helping us. Before arriving at Galgo Freedom, all our galgos are thoroughly checked by our trustworthy vet. That means having vet expenses. We buy the medicine directly from the distributing company to cut on costs.

Most galgos have health problems, most of the times treatable and curable, but visiting the vet and buying the treatments also cost money. Sometimes extraordinary expenses such as x-rays and surgery are needed to give the galgo the chance to have good quality of life. Most of the time galgos have been fed with small quantities of low-quality dry food, so when they arrive at Galgo Freedom they start eating Dingo as if they haden’t eaten for months. This is how we rehabilitate galgos so well in a short period of time. But each bag of dry food costs 25€! Each galgo eats one sack a month! We buy in big quantities to keep the cost low.

As you can appreciate, we try to reduce expenses as much as possible, but even so, expenses accumulate and we must keep our finances above water. If you wish to help us, you can choose to make a one-off donation or become a “Friend of Galgo Freedom” supporting our work with a monthly fee.

Thank you very much!

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