Our Mission

We rescue abandoned and mistreated galgos from La Puebla de Cazalla and rehabilitate them at Galgo Freedom before finding homes for them in Germany and Switzerland.

Where do our galgos come from?

  1. Friends or neighbours see a galgo in the street, they let someone from our team know. They then go as fast as possible to where the galgo was seen for the last time and from then onwards the hardest part of the work starts: getting the galgo to trust them so that they can catch it. This can take days, weeks or months. Once caught it will come to Galgo Freedom where we will take good care of it and try to find it the best possible home.
  2. The galgueros (hunters who use galgos to hunt with) get in contact with one of the girls from our
    team at La Puebla and hand us the galgos they want to get rid of. Many times we cannot help due to the reduced space at the foster family Galgo Freedom, where Yaiza and Karin take care of the galgos and find homes for them.
  3. The dog pound calls us to let us know that one or more galgos have entered the pound.

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Once the galgos have been rescued from the street of from the galgueros, we organize their transport to Galgo Freedom. We either go to collect them ourselves or we make sure someone brings them to Galgo Freedom. Some days before the transport they are dewormed and de-flead.

At Galgo Freedom we make sure that these 4-legged angels have all the love, attention, adequate food, veterinary care, warm beds and a relaxed and calm environment where they can recover as soon as possible from their physical and psychological wounds.

Many of them arrive in terrible states, suffering from extreme undernourishment, fractured bones, blind, limping and even with cut ears. It sounds more like a horror story, but disgracefully, it’s the true story of the galgos in Spain.

With the help of Clínica Veterinaria Axarquía we are able to give our galgos the best veterinary assistance possible.

Once recovered, we take good photos of them, write their life story and a precise description of their personality and they are then published on our website and on our partner associations websites, so that they can find the best home as soon as possible.

           Just arrived                               At Galgo Freedom                Adopted

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At Galgo Freedom, the galgos live with us. They have a room where they sleep, equipped with comfortable and warm beds, natural food, high water and food bowls for their comodity and a large plot of land for them to run, jump and sunbathe during the whole day.