Foster family testimonies

Inge Buitenhuis- Foster family Greyhounds Rescue

In 2005 we adopted our first galgo, Zar.

We were immediately in love with this kind and noble breed.

Also it became clear in the next months that there were so many more who needed to get off the streets and find shelter. This could not be done in Spain alone. So we decided to open our door and hearts and be a foster family too, in Holland.

We still love to meet so many different dogs. It is important to be involved in an organisation that helps you get the dogs you foster adopted. We are with Greyhounds Rescue Holland.

Also the foster dog has to fit in your family. There are so many dogs who love to be in a foster home, that it is never a problem to find a matching foster dog. Greyhounds Rescue is always in contact with organisations and shelters that have many dogs in need of homes.

Our “job” is try to make them feel comfortable, let them rest and try to teach them little things, such as walking on a leash, being house-trained, showing them that not all people are scary and not all other dogs are aggressive. They learn so much from our pack. And with other dogs in the house the foster dog learns everything in such a natural way. I love our pack that again and again welcomes new foster dogs in our home. We make updates about our foster dog, take many photos and the most beautiful are on the website obviously.

And then one day there is someone who loves to adopt your foster dog. They have filled in a form, Greyhounds Rescue finds them a good match and then a visit is arranged to come and meet the dog at our house.

And that is always a bit difficult, because in the meantime you are loving your foster dog. It is up to us, the foster family to see if the adoption family and our foster dog are a match. When they come to visit I always tell them EVERYTHING. No dog is the same. Every dog has its own character.

And when it is okay, the adoption family loves this dog, the dog fits in this family, they go through a home check. Is their garden safe, is the house safe, are the rest of the family members nice to the dog…?

When everything is alright, they come again to us and take home our foster dog that becomes now their forever sweetheart.

Sometimes we cry, but always, every time, we are also so happy for the dog that has finally found its loving forever family.