Picasso- ADOPTED

Birthdate: 04/08/2019
Breed: Galgo
Castrated: Yes
Sex: Male
Chipped: yes
Color: Brown & White
Height: 67
Length: 57
Medication: -
Vaccinated: Yes

Compatible with children: Yes
Compatible with other dogs: Yes
Compatible with cats: Yes

PICASSO was found wandering in a village. He was disoriented, sad and trembling from cold. Fortunately he was hungry, so it was easy to catch him. As soon as he felt the leash on his neck, he threw himself to the floor.
PICASSO is scared of men, but great with women and children. He loves to be next to your side and when he trusts you, he becomes your shadow.
He loves to be surrounded by dogs and he looks for the company of the most confident and playful dogs.
PICASSO is very sensitive who feels threatened when told off.