Dear friends,

8 new galgos arrived and as always they adapted very quickly, sleeping and eating a lot and playing and running like crazy!

Shakira flew to Hamburg where her adoptants, family Bückner were waiting for her. They are over the moon and so is Shakira. This is what they wrote about her:

After waiting for quite some time, we could finally pick Shakira (now Nala) up at the airport and give her a big hug. In the beginning everything was very noisy and it was cold. At home we introduced her to our male dog and soon they became excellent friends. She still does not like rain and cold and when we put a coat on, she waits for “it” to fall off or runs home and lays on the sofa.
It took some time intil she figured out that this will be her forever home and now she loves being cuddled.

Galán, Tiba and Romeo also found their forever homes.

This is what Romeos new owner says about him:

Romeo lives now in the north of Germany. He already weights 23 kilos and is only 6 months old!
He lives with Juri and Luba (2 Borsois) and Moritz and Schokoline (2 cats):
He has only been here for 1 week, but it feels as if he had been here all his life.
Juri adores his new friend and they always stick together and Luba has a constant smile on her face and has become much more lively. Also the cats have accepted him and it’s a fantastic group.
Romeo has learned a lot and as he is very stable and confident he will soon be the “boss” of the group.
He’s highly intelligent and very, very affectionate. It’s an absolute delight to be with him.
His broken toe will probably heal in the wrong position, but it doesn’t hurt him or bother him in any way, so it’s ok.

Then we had some weeks with no flights where we walked a lot with the dogs and pampered them as much as we could and got them all clinically ready. There was a lot of tooth cleaning!

Veronika Pausch decided to be a foster family for Panda and Talismán and they flew with Mrs. Thiel to Düsseldorf- Thanks for being our flight partner and taking 2 dogs with you!

Talismán was immediately adopted and a week later a family adopted his sister Panda. Thank you Veronika Pausch for driving 5 hours at night to pick them up!


Stephan flew to Switzerland  with Irene and Cornelia Mani. Thanks to both of them and to Sandra Scheidegger for giving us, once again, a helping hand.
This morning we were told that Stephan has been adopted and is living with his new family.
How wonderful!!!

Calipso flew to München with family Seidel and family Hauser are her fosterfamily.! Thanks for your great support.

Marion and Stephan Bendixen came for a visit in their mobile-home and as they were travelling around Sevilla, they picked up 2 of our galgos, Swing and Diva, and brought them to us. Both are quite skinny, but full of life and enjoy their new freedom a lot! We were sorry that Marion and Stephan could not stay longer, but they were in a hurry to move on!

Swing and Diva are enjoying their freedom at Galgo Freedom!


Video Swing & Lupita                                 Video Diva

We would like to publish an email from Regula Tavernier about Isha, her adopted galga:

Isha is an easy-going galga, who gets on well with all our dogs and also with people. She is obedient and when she runs loose she always keeps an eye on us and comes back immediately when called.
She adapted very quickly and was accepted by our other 4 dogs. Zara sometimes growls at her, but Isha has realised that Zara is a grumpy lady and just ignores her!

And last but not least, we would like to thank Alex and Bettina Krupka, for always collecting the dog transport boxes that arrive in Germany and sending them back to us through Transport Neumann. We want to wish you good luck and lots of “fun” now that you are moving to a new home.

Next month won’t be a boring one, as Lupita and Marisa will be leaving but apart from Diva and Swing, Lagartija and George, 6 new galgos will come to us.
They have been waiting in a kennel near Sevilla for us.

A big hug to all of you,

Yaiza, Karin and our long-nosed friends!