Birthdate: 04/04/2018
Breed: Galgo
Castrated: Yes
Sex: Female
Chipped: yes
Color: Dark brindle
Height: 60
Length: 54
Medication: No
Vaccinated: Yes

Compatible with children: Yes
Compatible with other dogs: Yes
Compatible with cats: No

TANIT (goddess of love and the moon in Ibiza) is pure love. She’s always by ones side and loves to be cuddled. She will give you her paw so that you stroke her or will lick your hands.
She’s a very small sized galga, very fit and has been trained too much. Her back legs are a proof of this: her nails can barely be seen as they are so filed down from running behind a car in dirt tracks.
She’s good with children, but unfortunately not cat friendly. A home with medium/large sized dogs and a garden would be ideal. She LOVES to play with toys and gets on well with all our dogs. She’s very cheerful and affectionate!