Indira - Galgo Freedom


INDIRA was called „Miseria“, which means “Misery” in english. She was taken to the dog pound San Antón by her owner and left there, but as it was full they would have to put her down immediately. One of the dog pound workers called Luisa asking for help.

INDIRA was very scared and quite undernourished, but as she had a strange discharge the vet considered to castrate her as soon as possible just in case it was a uterus infection. It wasn’t: she had 6 dead puppies inside.

After the operation she was extremely weak and could not stand up because she had lost a lot of blood during the operation.

She’s now fully recovered, eats well and is starting to play.

Her tits show that she has been used as a breeding machine, and she is not that old!

INDIRA has learned to trust us and is good with other dogs and also cats, but she needs a family with experince with traumatised dogs and another dog with self-confidence so she can learn from him.


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