Birthdate: 15/02/2013
Breed: Galgo
Castrated: Yes
Sex: Male
Chipped: Yes
Color: Brown striped
Height: 63
Length: 54
Medication: No
Vaccinated: Yes

Compatible with children: Yes
Compatible with other dogs: Yes
Compatible with cats: Ignores cats

JAZZ belonged to a galguero that decided to stop hunting and rescue abandoned and mistreated galgos.
3 months ago the caretaker of the hunting ground next door didn’t want this man to have so many dogs, so when Jazz’s owner went to the village one day to shop, the caretaker decided to hang all of Jazz’s owners dogs on his plot of land. Jazz was one of the few survivers, as he could not catch him and escaped. Jazz’s owner has been on psycological treatment and Jazz never got over so much pain and horror. Jazz’s owner tried so hard to get Jazz to get over the trauma, but every time the caretaker passed by with his car, Jazz would freak out.

We took Jazz home and since then he has been improving day by day and has become a perfectly rehomable dog. He’s sweet and affectionate, loves to be cuddled and to play with the other dogs.