Foster families

Without foster families we could not save so many galgos!

Some of our galgos are directly adopted, but as it’s very hard to find good adoptants for so many dogs, many of them go from Galgo Freedom to foster families in Germany or Holland.

It is not easy to be a foster family, as you need patience, time and sometimes experience with traumatized dogs. Most animals have been mistreated and so they need a home where they can feel safe and relaxed.

At Galgo Freedom we take good care of them, but when they leave us they still have so many things to learn.

Our partner association in Holland and Belgium, Greyhounds Rescue Holland is always looking for foster families where dogs can temporarily find accommodation before being permanently admitted to an adoptive family. If you are interested and think you are suitable for this calling, we will gladly provide you with more information about the further procedure.

First of all, we ask you to complete a questionnaire. We do this to make clear to you and for us which foster dog best suits your family. For example, old or young, playful or quiet, bitch or male, dealing with children or with cats, etc.

House visit

After that, someone from our volunteer team will always come to your home, where they will talk about all the issues reagarding fostering.  By clicking on the following link you can fill in the question form to register as a foster family:

Word pleegouder

Here you can read the testimonies of some foster families.